Tooth Benefits of Chewing Gum

22 Apr 2022

Tooth Benefits of Chewing Gum

Daily, we receive information about chewing gum being a high-quality and good for health product used for maintaining oral hygiene and dental tartar cleaning. Let’s find out together whether chewing gum is as healthy as they say.

To start with, chewing gum may be used only for additional oral hygiene. It’ll never be able to replace the effect of using a toothbrush or dental floss. However, using chewing gum after a meal, you significantly decrease the likelihood of caries and successfully clean your teeth from food particles. Don’t forget that it stimulates salivation and peristalsis, as a result of which the processes in the digestive tract are modified and disrupted. One shouldn’t use chewing gum more than 15-20 minutes after unpacking.

In other words, chewing gum is an opportunity to clean your teeth after eating if no other ways of brushing your teeth can be used at the moment.

Please note that all of the above information refers to chewing gum which does not include sugar, since it can develop caries.

Let’s talk about the nutrients that can be in chewing gum.

For example:

  • Fluorine and Xylitol
  • Aluminum Lactate

These components effectively prevent caries, reduce bleeding gums and inflammatory processes.

The undoubted advantage of chewing gum is that it helps to partially get rid of bad breath caused by the decay of food residues in one’s teeth.

In conclusion, it has to be mentioned that, unfortunately, you won’t get snow-white teeth even with frequent use of chewing gum, but don’t you think it’s a great thing to reduce the risk of caries formation, get rid of bad breath, and feel freshness? If that’s not enough, the clinic of Dr. Niyazov will be happy to carry out the desired procedure after consultation.