Painless Tooth Extraction

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24 Jul 2019

Painless Tooth Extraction

If you’re hesitant to get an extraction, you’re not alone. Many find themselves worried about what it will feel like. Will there be any pain? How long will I feel uncomfortable after the extraction?

When you hear your dentists recommend tooth extraction for you, you know that it is serious and definitely for the best. Dentists never recommend this procedure without a good reason. For example, at Astoria Dental, we always try to save every tooth, regardless of the damage. However, it is not always possible, so sometimes, we have to conduct a tooth extraction.

So, how is it possible that tooth extraction is now painless?

Even when people understand that there is no other way except to go through the tooth extraction procedure, they still hesitate. Pain is the strongest factor that holds people back. However, these days, tooth extraction can be done pretty much painlessly. Therefore, everyone can go home happy and smiling. And here are the main factors that make it possible.

Forget About Needles

It goes without saying that needless things are scary! Several years ago, dentists had to make a few injections before the pain completely went away. Sure thing, those injections were very unpleasant, at the very least. But now, you can forget about them! Today, we use numbing sprays or various top-of-the-line pastes to anesthetize the required areas without pain at all. 

No Creepy Drills

Even though dental drills are almost not used during the tooth extraction procedure, they still frighten people a lot. Modern-day technologies allow us to use specially designed laser technology to access a tooth. This laser allows for easy cleaning of the tooth and doesn’t cause pain or discomfort.

Long Recovery

Forget about it too! No more long, bloody, and painful recoveries! Modern technologies such as, mentioned before, lasers and wound patches ensure your recovery happens fast and without pain.

Are you feeling stressed?

We know how to help you! Sometimes, even though people understand that the tooth extraction procedure is necessary and will not hurt almost at all, they still can’t deal with stress. Fear no more! We have a large variety of sedation, for example, a famous laughing gas, to help you deal with stress and get ready for the process.

As you can see, extracting a damaged tooth is neither scary nor painful. Don’t hesitate to visit us. Rest assured, we will do our best to save your teeth. And even when this is impossible, we will make sure that the extraction goes painless, and that you get a beautiful implant that will serve you for the long years to come.